Fruits, Flowers, and Clouds is a Contemporary Art Fair in Vienna, Austria, conceived and organized by the international art magazine spike art quarterly. The fair will make its debut in May 2011.

Fruits, Flowers, and Clouds’ uniqueness lies in the direct selection of around 25 outstanding artists working today – national as well as international, young as well as renowned. Each artist is invited along with his or her gallery to create a solo presentation that is representative of his or her individual artistic position.

The solo presentations are not fractured by a conventional booth structure. Instead, Fruits, Flowers, and Clouds takes place within a more open exhibition-like environment, one that complements the work, and provides an ideal atmosphere for viewers, collectors, and gallery owners alike. The intention is to provide an alternative to the substandard exhibition conditions of most art fairs, and to create a more productive environment for the contemplation and discussion of artworks.

In order to create a comprehensive art fair experience, Fruits, Flowers, and Clouds is equipped with a bar that will be open until long after midnight, and a lounge area with a selection of art magazines and artist books. This informal atmosphere, designed to stimulate fruitful encounters between art dealers, artists, collectors, critics, curators, and visitors, is a crucial aspect of Fruits, Flowers, and Clouds’ general concept.